A Pathway to Improving the Functional Outcomes of Knee Implants


Workshop scope

This workshop will aim at providing attendees the core concepts in evaluating and improving the biomechanical outcomes of total or partial knee replacements. Current state-of-the-art methodologies involving custom knee testing rigs and dynamical numerical analysis will be presented that focus on achieving adequate kinematics and loads, followed by methods to quantify and optimize the tribological features and wear resistance. >> Read more

Chair: Arnd Steinbrück

Co-Chair: Yan Chevalier

Presenter 1

What is the natural knee kinematics?

Vera Pinskerova

Presenter 2

TKA kinematics and retropatellar pressure in vitro and in silico

Matthias Woiczinski

Presenter 3

Optimisations of TKA bearing materials under highly demanding patient activities – wear simulation and resultant knee kinematics

Thomas Grupp

Presenter 4

A game of pores – design concepts and in vitro testing of osteointegrative materials

Daniel Seitz

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