Cell and Tissue Banking for Tissue Engineering


Workshop Scope

The workshop will give an overview about modern cell and tissue biobanking for Tissue Engineering in orthopaedics. Examples for recent tissue banks within the orthopaedic context will be given with view to quality control mechanisms. Furthermore, new developments in cryobiology and biobanking will be presented.

Educational goal is the sensibility for quality in cell and tissue banking and for new developments with view to Tissue Engineering strategies in orthopaedics.

Chair: Dr. Christoph Brochhausen

Co-Chair: Florelle Gindraux

Presenter 1

Amniotic membrane storage – cryopreservation versus lyophylisation: damage on tissue structure, growth factor release, cell behavior

Florelle Gindraux

Presenter 2

Quality and quality control in tissue banking, gene- and cellular therapy

Prof. Dr. Dominique Heymann

Presenter 3

Cryobiology and tissue banking

Prof. Dr. Birgit Glasmacher

Presenter 4

Innovative concept for next generation biobanking

Dr. Christoph Brochhausen