Engineering physiologically and clinically relevant microenvironments for tendon repair and regeneration


Workshop Scope

Tendon injuries constitute an unmet clinical need with over 30 million human tendon-related procedures taking place annually worldwide with an estimated healthcare expenditure in excess of €145 billion per year. Current surgical interventions based on tissue graft are characterised by delayed remodelling and limited functionality. The proposed workshop will discuss … >> Read more

Chair: Dimitrios I. Zeugolis

Co-Chair: Jayesh Dudhia

Presentation 1

Using the synergistic effects of scaffold architecture, magnetic stimulus and culture medium composition to drive adipose derived stem cells into the tenogenic lineage

Manuela E. Gomes

Presentation 2

Engineering in vitro microenvironments to direct dermal fibroblasts towards tenogenic lineage

Adrian Djalali-Cuevas

Presentation 3

Investigating the tendon microenvironment to develop engineered bioscaffolds for cell-based therapies

Jayesh Dudhia

Presentation 4

Microenvironmental cues to maintain tenogenic phenotype in vitro

Dimitrios Tsiapalis

Presentation 5

Tendon stem/progenitor cells behavior and molecular response to 3-dimensional gel-like environment

Heyong Yin

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