Physical activity and its ambulant assessment in orthopaedics:

Where are we and where do we go?


Workshop Scope

Physical activity (PA) and the functional capacity for it are directly affected by orthopaedic pathology or trauma. The aim of orthopaedic interventions such as surgery or physiotherapy, besides pain relief, is to restore mobility and PA. In addition, PA is increasingly being recognized as a major or even dominant factor in … >> Read more

Chair: Bernd Grimm

Co-Chair: Inger Mechlenburg

Co-Chair: Dieter Rosenbaum

Presenter 1

Introduction: Physical activity as a measure in orthopaedic outcome, diagnosis or feedback

Bernd Grimm

Presenter 2

Physical activity data from orthopaedics patients and health guidelines, a review

Matthijs Lipperts

Presenter 3

Clinically relevant PA parameters for diagnosis, outcome, feedback and research

Inger Mechlenburg

Presenter 4

Challenges and advice for designing & analyzing activity monitoring studies in orthopaedics

Maik Sliepen

Presenter 5

Developments and outlook on activity monitoring in orthopaedic clinic and research

Dieter Rosenbaum

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