Workshop Scope

Our workshop “Recent Strategies Around 3D-Printed Metal Implants” aims at providing state-of-the-art insights around latest developments, designs and applications of additively manufactured metallic orthopaedic implants. In view of the currently rapidly evolving prototyping techniques for orthopaedic implants, metal printing specifically addresses medical applications where mechanical stability is crucial. As compared to other 3D-printing techniques, metal printing appears technically especially challenging.
This workshop includes an introductory positioning talk, providing insights in recent international collaborative initiatives in the field, with a special focus on personalized implants. The next four topics aim at providing an as comprehensive as possible overview about current strategies to prevent biofilm formation on additive manufactured metal implants, their surface bio-functionaliziation and exemplary considerations on design and analysis 3D-printed prosthesis. As a beyond state-of-the-art topic, the present workshop further includes an educational lecture on latest developments in rapid manufacturing of biodegradable implants.

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