Workshop Scope

Our workshop “Recent Strategies Around 3D-Printed Metal Implants” aims at providing state-of-the-art insights around latest developments, designs and applications of additively manufactured metallic orthopaedic implants. In view of the currently rapidly evolving prototyping techniques for orthopaedic implants, metal printing specifically addresses medical applications where mechanical stability is crucial. As compared to other 3D-printing techniques, metal printing appears … >> Read more

Chair: Holger Jahr

Co-Chair: Chris Arts

Presenter 1

PRosPERoS-printing personalized orthopaedic implants

Chris Arts

Presenter 2

Production and properties of biodegradable implants produced by direct metal printing

Karel Lietaert

Presenter 3

Design and analysis of a 3D printed, tailored prosthesis utilized for corrective osteotomy

Arjan C. Loenen

Presenter 4

Strategies to prevent biofilm formation on additive manufactured metal implants

Ingmar van Hengel

Presenter 5

Surface bio-functionaliziation of additively manufactured porous titanium implants

Saber Amin Yavari

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