Toward intervertebral disc regeneration: the RESPINE project


Scope of the Symposium

RESPINE is a large scale randomized trial proposing allogenic bone marrow MSC in the intervertebral disc, supported by EU commission (H2020) coordinated by CHU Montpellier. Degenerative disc disease (DDD) presents a large, unmet medical need which results in a disabling loss of mechanical function. Today, no efficient therapy is available. Chronic cases often receive surgery, which may lead to biomechanical problems and accelerated degeneration of adjacent segments. The partners including the ROAD consortium have developed and studied stem cell-based, regenerative therapies with encouraging results in phase 1 and 2a trials … >> Read more

Chair: Gianluca Vadalà

Co-Chair: Hans Jörg Meisel

Presenter 1

Stem cells and biomaterials for the regenerative medicine of intervertebral disc
« When developmental biologists meet tissue engineers”

Jérôme Guicheux

Presenter 2

Preclinical studies of MSC´s in degenerative disc diseases

Hans Jörg Meisel

Presenter 3

Clinical translation of MSC injection for disc degeneration

Gianluca Vadalà